Digital Tools training

Recently, Google has done a latent effort to close the digital divide in Mexico. More than half of the population of Mexico is connected to the Internet, making it increasingly important for companies that want to communicate with their customers. Free digital tools present on the Internet can be a great help for businesses of Mexican women if they learn how to use them . However, despite this trend of Internet penetration, the digital knowledge gap is large and in disfavor for female micro entrepreneurs. These micro entrepreneurs do have Internet access, although most do not know how to use it.

Thanks to Google, Crea has the opportunity to do valuable work in closing the digital divide in Mexico while supporting entrepreneurial trainings imparted for social and economically marginalized women in Mujeres Moviendo México centers.

Crea is launching a new Digital Tools training. This course will be taught in Crea centers in person and further develop as an e-learning course. The topics that will be offered in this course range from how to open a Gmail account, use Facebook for your business, how to appear in Google Places, create your own free website and how to use Adwords